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Behind the Membership Fees: TPAWA vs. SSTUWA/IEU

SSTUWA & IEU WA Full Time membership costs an average of $797, whereas TPAWA membership is notably lower at $464.10.
The truth is, where the money goes tells you a lot about what an association stands for. Many registered trade unions hike up their fees, and why? Because they’re cozying up to political parties (the ALP in particular). It’s all about money, power and politics for them. That’s why they charge double what it actually costs to provide a service.

If you want an association that genuinely cares about you and your protection, then the organisation's interests must be aligned with your interests as a member. 

Other unions are run like monopolies. Taking choice away from you and making their interests all that matters. By introducing better service, at a lower price, the Red Unions guarantee that the unions’ interests always align with you, the member. Why? Because if they don’t, you’ll leave and join a better organisation, one whose values you agree with. 

The TPAWA and the 'Red Unions,' are different. Zero Party politics, without sacrificing protection or peace of mind is why the TPAWA was started. From day one, we’ve sworn off any political funding or affiliations. It’s not just some clause in our constitution; it’s a moral stance. 

It's funny how some folks assume everyone plays the same game they do. But here at TPAWA, our game plan is straightforward: it’s all about you – our members. We’re committed to being there for you, focusing on your workplace rights, and being as accessible as your next-door neighbour.

We’re not afraid to call out other unions. They’re knee-deep in politics, forgetting about what really matters – you. It’s unfair, plain and simple. And it gets worse. We’ve heard stories of members feeling pressured by their union reps, making them feel like their opinions or voting choices don’t matter. That’s not right.

But guess what? There’s another way. The TPAWA. 

We’re here to flip the script in education by empowering educators, not getting tangled in bureaucratic red tape. We’re run by a group of teachers, fighting for a fresh perspective, steering clear of the SSTUWA & IEU SA’s shadow, with a focus on local teacher power.

At TPAWA, we’ve got your back. We’re here to protect your rights at work, shielding you from unnecessary government meddling. Your hard-earned expertise? We respect it, fiercely defending your right to practise without undue interference.

Experience the difference yourself, join TPAWA today.